Quality Control Policies

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Our Mission

To exceed expectation of our customers in quality, integrity, timely delivery at affordable cost through continuous process improvement and customer feedback. We believe that for our business, driven by intellectual and human capital, critical success factors are integrity, character, trust, respect and partnership. In building our relationships corporate behavior is every bit as important as corporate performance.

Guiding Principles

  • Maintaining high ethical standards in all our dealings.
  • Sustained Cordial employer employee relationship.
  • Assisting Vendor development.
  • Adopting state of art technology in our products.

Quality Policy

The Quality policy of Aqua Control Valves Pvt. Ltd. Is to manufacture and supply state of art technology products conforming to national and international standards at competitive prices and at committed delivery schedules. Our endeavor is to create an atmosphere conductive to motivate all employees to contribute their best to the overall growth of the organization leading to their individual growth and fulfillment of their aspirations.

Quality Objectives

  • Increased market share by building up of brand image.
  • Total customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction in interest burden on working capital by increasing owned funds and building up of internal resources.
  • Improving the working conditions of the staff.
  • Upgrading the infrastructure.

Quality System

The quality system adopted at Aqua Controls conforms to ISO 9001. This apex quality manual documents the policies and guidelines of the organization and also includes the various procedures and formats adopted in the organization to implement the quality system. The Apex quality manual addresses all the clauses of ISO 9001 and the procedures adopted to meet the requirements of each clause. The procedures are designated as QAP-XX-PYY where QAP stands for Quality Assurance Procedure, XX refers to the number of the ISO clause to which the procedure corresponds,  YY refers to the serial number of the procedure. Similarly formats are designated as QAP-XX-PYY -FZZ where  XX and YY correspond to the number of the ISO clause and the serial number of the procedure and ZZ refers to the serial number of the format.


Aqua Control Valves Guarantee

We stand guarantee for the material, design and the operation of valves covered to the extent, that if any defects chargeable to faulty workmanship, design and material are found in valves for one full year from the date of delivery. We also offer a life time guarantee for the material we specify in our supply. Every valve is numbered for its history and identification.